Frequently Asked Questions & Answer

Q1 How many times a year you are conducting the exam?

A1 six Times a year. (Exams will be on Januery, March, May, July, September, November, 2019).

Q2 How many countries and locations will the examination are conducted?

A2 Currently we are conducting in 19 countries. The number of locations varies from country to country.

Q3 What is the scheduled date of exam?

A3 We conduct each odd number month,(usubly, First, Sunday)

Q4 Who is the copyright owner of the exam questions?

A4 The General, incorporated Federation of Japanese Language capability Testing Organization for non-native Japanese - JLCT is the copyright owner.

Q5 Can we consider the JLCT and JLPT tests are same at each level?

A5 Yes. That is correct.
We use the authorized syllabus mentioned in guidebook "New JLPT" released by the Japan Foundation as benchmark/reference. Based on this reference, we conduct the exam in REDAING, WRITING, LISTENING sections from level JCT 1 to JCT5 to exactly match with JLPT N1 to N5.
The Japanese Immigration Bureau has accredited JCT5 certificate as qualification for Japanese Visa.

Q6 Can we take the question paper out of exam hall after the test?

A6 No, cannot.

Q7 Does the exam contain writing and conversation testing?

A7 No, not.

Q8 What is the criteria for PASS/FAIL?

A8 The passing criteria is the aggregate score as well as points scored in the individual sections has to cross the minimum level.

Q9 Does the JLCT have no nursing care related tests?

A9 JCT4, JCT are related to nursing care. Currently we are working on it; we are planning to introduce it soon.

Q10 Do you have any plan to change the exam frequency?

A10 Yes 6 times a year. We want to implement this in the near future and working on that.

Q11 JLPTとJLCTは同じレベルですか?

A11 はいそうです。法務省のホームページの"日本語教育機関へ入学するため日本語能力について"の項目にも記載されています。