The schedule of JLCT in 2021
2021 Jan. 10 th (Sun)
2021 Mar. 21 st (Sun)
2021 May. 16 th(Sun)
JLCT November test was executed on 15th (Sun.) in following countries.
Vietnam, Nepal, China, Pakistan, Mongolia, Thailand.
JLCT was postponed in following countries owing to "corona" incident.
Slilanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bang radish, Philippine, India and Myanmar.
JLCT was conducted for first time in Jalpan, Tokyo on the same day, Nov. 15th (Sun.)
The schedule of JLCT in 2021 is set as follows.
Jan. 10th (Sun.) March 21st (Sun.), May 16th (Sun.)
We will inform you the rest of 2021 schedule when it is firmly set.
JLCT of March 2020 was executed only in Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Myanmar and Indonesia (partly) due to “Corona virus” incident. JLCT in other countries were all postponed.
“Past Exam Q&A” listing 2019 Nov. Sept. July tests was published and on sales
E-learning device of JLCT is provided free of charge for everybody for rest of the world
JLCT announced test is to be conducted each odd months of a year 6 times annualy
The next exam is July 21, 2019 (Sunday). Click here for details
Speech Contest for foreigners learning Japanese was held and 32 speakers were Tokyo as a memorial event of official recoginition of JLCT by the Ministry of Justis as a qualify test for Visa issue
Country-wise agent appointment, please click here for detail for Russia, Laten America, Middle East and EU regions.

Speciality of this Test

This test is conducted to measure the Japanese language communication skill of a non-native Japanese speaker. It has 5 levels and those are JCT1, JCT2, JCT3, JCT4, JCT5.Further JLCT checks Japanese-language communication skill by dividing the test in following three sections in each level:
1) Japanese Language knowledge (Character, vocabulary, grammar).
2) Comprehension reading.
3) Listening.